Trump-Kim summit: US and North Korea leaders arrive – BBC News

The leader of North Korea has brought his running bodyguards to Singapore, ahead of a scheduled summit with US President Donald Trump.

Mr Trump opted for his Air Force One plane and a long motorcade.
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  1. FREE TOMMY ROBINSON. now over 900,000 petitions signed.
    The UK has begun rounding up political dissidents and threatening journalists will be imprisoned if the report on it. What is it the reporters are trying to report on? Industrialized gang pedophilia. The BBC having paid lip service only to the victims of Jimmy Savile are protecting pedophiles AGAIN!!! Tell them what you think of them. Do not pay your license fee. #OCCUPYBBC

  2. Trump will soon find out that Kim Johg un isnt any thing like Kim Kardashian 😛 and N.Korea will soon find out that US is only a big mouth bully with not enough balls to actually do any thing unless they have 60 More countries from the world going into a war with them 🙂 and no one wants to go into a nuclear country with them lol 😛

    All the US wants is to plant a seed of corruption in N.Korea so in future they can have planted senators in N.Korea to control or they can cause regime changes there too like that do in the world 🙂
    too bad it wont work..

  3. Kafi shut the hell because Kim Jong UN don't speak English so somebody gone have to translate for the Supreme Leader of North Korea and this meeting really about making peace with 2 nations and becoming allies and trading with another and preventing war between the United States and North Korea that's just my opinion

  4. And will the BBC cover the protest against the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson? Hell no, that is real news. The BBC only covers news for the far left. Totally British Broadcasting Crap, its sad since this was at one time, a respected news organization.

  5. Kim Jong-Un: "Sir, do not invade my North Korea in the name of Freedom and Democracy"
    Donald Trump: "Relax, fat boy! You don't have oil nor gas. We will never invade you"
    Kim: "Can I trust you?" Trump: "You fat boy. I assure you. We need to control IRAN oil and gas. You can join us".
    Kim: "It is very bad that you already caused 5 millions deaths in IRAQ in the name of Freedom and Democracy, and then 8 millions deaths in SYRIA and Libya in the name of moderate Muslims (ISIS and Al-Qaeda). I can not share the misdeed".
    Trump: "Sorry, boy. Our democracy is led by deep state of Zionism. Freedom and Democracy is our signboard to fool people. We need to control the world. If you do not support USA, you are axis of evils."


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