Turkey Hunting: 56 Yards With a 20 Gauge – The Management Advantage

We’ve all been turkey hunting when the long beard hangs up outside of the decoys. No matter what kind of coaxing you do, he just won’t commit. In that situation, it’s nice to know you have a fix for that. The Carlson Choke Tube TSS was Chuck’s fix on this Indiana turkey. 56 yards dropped in his tracks!

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  1. Awesome hunt I am getting ready to pick myself up a 20 gauge for this turkey season how did you like the longbeard shells compared to the tss ? Is the tss worth the extra money ?

  2. Very nice! And where did you get that chair Chuck. I'm looking to switch to one of those throw down blinds this fall myself and that chair would work perfect. PS… little bummed you weren't wearing those camo crocs on the hunt…lol!


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