TWIA: PAX, New Abilities, Lore and more [News/Discussion]

This week in Anthem is a weekly news roundup that highlights all the biggest news coming out for the game. While highlighting community contributions such as artists, content creators and other helpful members of the community.

If you know of someone you think should be mentioned, let me know in the comments of message us on Twitter.

Javelin Details





Fort Tarsis

Crew Details

Major Factions

Takeaways from PAX

How to Triumph as One

Gameplay Features

Game informer interview

US Gamer


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Comment (10)

  1. @13:08 So nice he said it twice! "I still wouldn't be surprised if we did get some more expansions down the line… I still wouldn't be surprised if we got some more expansions down the line… " =)
    Great video BTW =)

  2. From the looks of things, either the Bio-Haters or the Bio-followers/Looter-shooter people will shout at the top of their lungs, “TOLD YOU SO!” when the game is released and it’s either a train wreck like Destiny or it’s better than Destiny by miles and it’s fun as hell. I personally hope the latter will happen.


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