U.N. Audience Laughs At Donald Trump’s Remarks Praising His Administration | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

In an unexpected moment, the United Nations General Assembly audience laughed at President Donald Trump when he mentioned that his administration achieved “more than any other administration in the history of our country.”
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U.N. Audience Laughs At Donald Trump’s Remarks Praising His Administration | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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Comment (3,911)

  1. Someone laughed, he then said I didn't expect that reaction, and all then laughed with him.
    How could anyone laugh at him ( all leaders would love his successes in there own country )
    Even those who hate trump is because of the man, his comments, his tweets, his views but if they don't believe
    There country is better now than when he took office on a policy, economic and jobs perspective.
    They are ignorant!

  2. I like how everyone decided they were laughing at him, none of them said anything, and someone’s probably gonna reply to this with something along the lines of “well they didn’t need to it was obvious” because somehow the direction of laughter is obvious

  3. 80% of communication is "body language". Notice the gesture in which Trump closes his jacket as though covering his body in the same way he often crosses his arms to protect himself from the outside.

  4. Trump haters will be in this clip , says so much about yourself little guys , he spoke so much about how all countries should unite , because all countries are dependent upon one another , and not take advantage on the same contrary , and they should stop the bombard on the US economy with trillion of dollars , all the country should stand now before Oil are impose Seriously on high tariffs on oil dependent countries and would Seriously results in downfall and civil unrest or War .
    His message was clear , and everyone should take it seriously for peace and humanity .

  5. The biggest myth of US foreign policy is that America had respect in the world before Trump. America's invasion of sovereign countries and over-consumption of the world's resources incurred the enmity of many nations. Trump is anti-globalist, pro peace, and pro American.

  6. ho hum……you losers are going to be losing sleep and taking extra anxiety meds for a long time……..you are making it part of your life and it will be the the inner angst you feel as you suspect every person you see as a trump voter in secret…2/3rds of the people you know voted for trump and are keeping it a secret because we know how rabid your emotional rants are

  7. I believe everyone needs to actually go and listen to the full speech. It is truly remarkable what he has truly done for this nation and others who stand with us. He has made some horrible decisions on some of the topics he speaks but, His actions and the administration's achievements are truly outstanding.

  8. Of course they will laugh. The UN is well known for having the worst reactions to humanitarian disasters world wide. Trump is in a league of his own. No need for a bunch of clowns' approval here. MAGA!

  9. I think he instigated the laughter when he cracked a smurk and lost his poker face. No one would have laughed otherwise. They were laughing with him not at him. What is it about this man that warrants ridicule and laughter? He speaks plainly like the common man which is why he appeals to many Americans. He is genuinely trying to bring jobs back, control illegal immigration and reduce the amount that we are losing to foreign trade….but yet the left ridicules him and wants to destroy him for what half the nation voted for. If you don’t respect him at least have the courtesy & respect for your fellow Americans who infact did vote for and continue to support him. By trying to tear him down the implication the left creates is that the millions of Americans who support him are irrelevant and stupid. When Obama was president the republican base waited patiently until his administration expired…..never once did they try to destroy him to the degree that the left is with Trump. What dems don’t understand is that they are pushing potential voters away with vitriol rather than gaining them. Respect is earned not demanded.


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