US: North Korea talks moving ‘more quickly than expected’ – BBC News

The US says its discussions with North Korea are moving “more quickly than expected” ahead of the summit in Singapore on Tuesday.
The preliminary talks between officials have been taking place ahead of the unprecedented first meeting.
The White House also confirms that President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will hold a one-on-one meeting, with only translators present.
The outcome may determine the fate of North Korea’s nuclear programme.
The US insists it will accept nothing less than complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.

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  2. Many plans purposed. Will this be a piece of cheese masqueraded in a strong marinade of flavored poison. ?The showman Barnum was putting on quite A show demonstrating for Kim the luxary showcase of fabulous prizes were mentioned as bob-barker continued to anticipate what A showcase like this could be exchanged if the “Price be Right” the pitch of A seasoned showman to his curious audience. PT Barnum was in rare form. Truly wonder just how the members of the G7 summit felt being omitted from such favoritism ??? Both Mr Trump and Mr Pompano seemed quite confident about the result of their summit demonstration. Just another day on the job ! Wonder just what Kim was thinking And if he was suspicious concerning this well concealed trap???

  3. Mr.Kim had soft coverner for his people that why epic meeting held today .. this is called beginning for hormony between to nation.. so every rival country should learn from this moment and make earth heaven not hell. Jai Hind.✌

  4. Lincoln with his Gettysburg Address, Reagan with tearing down the Berlin Wall, Trump bringing North Korean leader to the table and denuclearizing the country in exchange for peace and opening to the "Hermit State."

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  6. January 20, 1992: The two Koreas sign the South-North Joint Declaration on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Under the declaration, both countries agree not to “test, manufacture, produce, receive, possess, store, deploy or use nuclear weapons” or to “possess nuclear reprocessing and uranium enrichment facilities.” They also agree to mutual inspections for verification. No nukes for them but nukes for the USA, interesting.

  7. I turned on BBC World America hoping to get a little more in-depth view of some global, if not stateside affairs. Conclusion: Weak as Water. At least if gives some useless reporters a job. Obviously BBC America suffers (or succumbs) American censorship.

  8. Don't expect the North Koreans to give up their nuclear weapons if the Americans want to retain their troops in South Korea and Japan and their nuclear weapons at nearby Guam island in the Pacific Ocean. The most that could happen is that the two leaders could meet and get to know each other in a personal way. If they are comfortable with each other they can take the negotiations from there onwards. The Americans just cannot roughshod the North Koreans into submission. That is just not possible when the North Koreans have painstakingly build nuclear weapons all through the decades under great pressure and international sanctions. The nuclear weapons are North Koreans trump card.

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