USGG Rapid Response MPX / EVO3 9mm Chest Rig

US Grunt Gear is offering Chest Rigs for the Sig MPX, CZ Scorpion and Carbines that use Glock Magazines.

US Grunt Gear:

Manticore Arms Hybrid CZ EVO 3 Magazines:

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  1. Hey Sootch what you think about this To be honest we can't complain Google doesn't want to spend money on Ads on different YouTube channels. As a business they can decide who they want to give money to. We can get gun manufacturers to pay for their fair share of advertisement on YouTube. Corporations have a right to say where their money goes. I know you guys put in money and effort to make youtube videos but don't you think we can get firearms companies to pay their amount

  2. You are correct sir I love my Scorpion upgraded my trigger put on a muzzle break. Good out to 200 (on a good day). Ordering after leaving a review.

  3. Chest Rig… why do you have it around you belly? You need some edgeimacation! Go see, check out Alpha Charley Concepts if you are interested in chest rigs… I get nothing, am not affiliated with John in any way. He knows chest rigs better than my mom knows me!

  4. Sootch00 you are one of my favorite fellow South Carolinians! Im going to school right now to get my associates degree in machining. Then i'll get my bachelors in engineering. So hopefully one day you will be reviewing a firearm that i engineered and produced here in SC. ( Swamp Fox Arms )

  5. US Grunt Gear is offering Chest Rigs for the Sig MPX, CZ Scorpion and Carbines that use Glock Magazines.

    Okay so it DOES take Glock Magazines ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Instead of buying a Scorpion, I decided to build an AR in 9mm. I love my AR9 but I have a buddy who has the Scorpion and it is a super cool gun. I have been really surprised with what a good gun it is. Of course my gun is much cooler especially with the BFS trigger. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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