Walking The Jetty’s For Speckled Trout

Reels – Lew’s Custom Inshore and 13 Z
Lines – Stren Sensor and Power Pro Braid
Rod – 7’6″ Fate Chrome Medium Heavy
Camera – Hero 3 Black
Lure – 5 inch Havoc Grass Pig with 3/8 oz jig head

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  1. Always enjoy watching and learning from your videos. Have you fished the lower Laguna madre south padre island? Port Mansfield area. Great place trout and redfish. Is that grass pig an all around lure for trout? Just got me a pack.

  2. I'm not sure if you watch thresher fishing, but he catches snook, and speckled trout at packery channel jetties, and port a jetties. You should definitley make a video fishing at one of those locations. People have been catching snook at packery, and tarpon at port a jetties. Tight lines!

  3. once again, Mr. Ross, another great video ma man! I finally took the day off and tried wetting the hook yesterday. All small, trout, and croaker. But never wasted time when fishing. Had a great time, hope to do this soon again. Tight lines never stop!

  4. Nice vid Ross once again you don’t disappoint 😁👍…. I have a question are you letting the lure go to bottom or are you just reeling as soon as it hit the water with occasional hops?

  5. Love the videos Ross, keep em coming, and I will keep watching them. And thumbs UP. Hey, is that the 13 Fishing Concept Z? How's it working out for you? Love my Origins.

  6. Great video, have not been fishing for over a month. Red tide is so bad here it may never come back. We have Manatees , Dolphin and wale sharks washing up on the beaches. Tons of dead fish everywhere.

  7. Another nice video. That’s one place to fish when the winds blowing. If people watching your videos can’t catch fish they need to do something else for a hobby. You show them exactly how.


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