Why a trade war with China is dangerous for the U.S.

Just after midnight Friday, the threat of a trade war between the U.S. and China moved from rhetoric to reality. The Trump administration imposed tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods. China immediately retaliated with duties on the same value of American products. Derek Thompson, a senior editor at the Atlantic, joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss why China, specifically, is the wrong country to get into a trade war with and the potential outcomes if it continues to escalate.

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Comment (1,034)

  1. China is behemoth struggling to stay in control and hasn't been playing fair. Her government knows that she is has vast market potential which everyone in the west wants a piece of. Taking advantage of that fact, she has been bullying foreigners with conditions they would never accept from any other country, calculating that they will not fight back for fear of losing her as a market. Trump has called their bluff. China can't win this economic battle the US has forced upon her and she knows it. It may take months, but China is looking for a way to "save face" and back off these tariffs. Most Trump supporters appear willing to accept the economic pain, at least for now, to see if Trump can pull it off.

  2. two points, there will be no winner, china will hurt more. second, it's not about trade. Why there's no one sees higher level which is who will dominate globe power.

  3. Capitalist economy is driven by profit. Jobs move to wherever it cost less. If not China, it'd be india, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. If not Asia , it'd be Africa. As long as the world is not equal in living standard, there will always be people who wants to work for less.

  4. Oh, for christ sakes. CBS wants to alarm their audience that horrible, terrible, things, will happen, if DJT remains prez–which is their real objective. CBS, being a element of the democrat party. Having said this, I don't care if China and the US never trade again, because, the Communist Party, China is building 1st-Strike nuclear weapons, so, as, to burn up the United States in an attack. These are not weapons of determent, but 1st strike weapons. Hyper-sonic missiles, which the US, could have pursued 12 years ago, but refused to. The link below is from Newsweek, which is 100% against the president and they are compelled to highlight this fact, that most, here are Oblivious to.

    There's more to life than billionaire's making cash at the expense of the US middle class. That no democrats care, or few republican leaders don't either, probably fooled the Chinese leadership into believing that they can win a nuclear war, with the right tech.

    Boo Hoo, no more trade! Waaaaahhh, say the democrats and rinos. There's more to life then the elites getting richer.

  5. A trade war for the US (or any country on the planet) is only dangerous for the ones who don't have the money to coup with the money makers decisions. Just like every recession, the well off will neutralize as they buy up the areas that were not well off. One big giant sale. The well off will do fine. The others will be hurt.

  6. As an American im told that our trade deals are unfair. If this is the case why is so many countries against making them fair? I care about my children and their children. Tbh id assume watch the world burn then my children suffer due to greed. Is the people of the world no better then the loafers i see destroying my country for free handouts. It a real question. Am i missing something here. Why so against fair trade?

  7. Wtf? This guest is merely a media editor…cbs doesn’t have the means for finding someone more qualified to analyze? Preposterous!

  8. If you want to reduce the TRADE DEFICIT, just stop buying "made in China" and buy your cheap product somewhere else. BAN any chinese sites like Alibaba and all others sites that sell products from China.
    China didn't force americans to buy, you did it to yourself. You made the CCP fat and now face their threat on the SEA sea and other fights. GROW UP USA, help others poor nation to get richer with your dollard. Don't give it only to chinese communist, they aren't your allies. There are many poor countries you can help with trade like India, Africa, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand…

  9. There are no winners In trade wars. America needs to spend less on military and defense and align funds towards research and development. They also need to spend more money to look after their workforce, on social housing education and health. Build the country through your people domestic first. Not military.

  10. We know why the tariffs were imposed. The world is selling US debt and is refusing to buy more. China is also no longer using the dollar to settle its accounts, it is using its own currency as well as the currencies of the nations China does business with via swap agreements.

    China and the world want to end the dollars roll as the world's reserve currency, the US thinks it can fight back with tariffs. Nope it won't work. It will only exacerbate the dollar's decline.


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