Windham Weaponry Dissipator AR-15 Review (HD)

I go over the rifle, it’s specs, test the accuracy of it, and discuss what I think of it overall.

Windham AR-15s:

Shirt link:

Music by Youtube Creators & Machinima Sound

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  1. Interesting AR15 from Windham Weaponry, but I can see why some would not find it aesthetically pleasing. Overall it looks like a solid rifle.

  2. I have a question and a comment. I am a Colt M4 fan I have the LE6920 with the magpul stuff on it. I would like to duracoat or use some other coating on the upper and lower to keep it from getting scuffed up what would you recommend? also what kind of sling should I buy and who from? I also have boxers. I am on my 3rd dog. I like the fact that you don't get into politics on your channel. You seem easy going and I am too. I like your channel keep up the good work. Boxers are wonderful dogs. They keep their puppy quality even in to old age.

  3. Your camera looks great! I can't believe how clear the picture is now. I heard the non compete was for 5 years not one year but it still a great story. WW customer service is excellent, I dealt with them when I ordered a parts kit and they took care of the problem with me on the phone.

  4. Great review as always. Thank you! Do you have any plans to review one of the PSA free floated uppers with a FN barrel? I just purchased one and it seems fantastic so far.

  5. You cost me as about as much in clothing as you do in guns and accessories lol. Had to get that Walther PPS M2 you reviewed earlier in the week, came in yesterday 😊 thanks for the heads up on the Brownells sale for it! Now getting the gun fu shirt. I thank you for the reviews, my wallet not so much!

  6. The Square is not a Cero forge mark. The Cero Forge is a Keyhole. The Square is from a Company called Brass and Aluminum Forger's Inc. The Big A type of forge market is from a company called Anchor Harvey. The Keyhole is from Cero or Cerro Company. Cero is now owned by Anchor Harvey as of 2014.

  7. Consider adding some Tula 75g to your test ammo. It's actually phenomenally accurate for cheap crap and shoots good out of 1/9 for me. It's every bit as good as the 68-69g match loads from blackhills.

  8. Love this video as usual. I've subscribed a few years back. Keep up the great work!! Have you done a video on where to position your six position stock, how to measure it to your body?

  9. You should look at getting one of the modern carbine MC5 or MC6 rifles. Or the MC6 SD pistol. Really cool gun went by the shop to see one and it is a sweet little folding 6" 300 blackout. They say the have a bunch of LE Agencies using their rifles.

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