Wisconsin Trout Fishing – 8/12/2018

A super clear small stream brook trout outing here. The fish were eager to hit spinners, a good time was had. The stream gets smaller and smaller as I go. This type of stream presents some particular challenges for presentation and casting. I could do this kind of outing every day. Lotsa fun with small to medium brookies! Happy Fishing!!

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  1. Good job on the videos! I find myself eagerly awaiting your next installment. With a young son (hopefully he'll be in waders soon) and not many decent streams in my area, I don't get out as often as I'd like. Thanks for letting me fish vicariously through you! One question: Where did you get the Ugly Stik with the ruler? I was looking online for it and couldn't find one. It's a smart idea, I don't like having to dig out my tape every time I want to measure a fish.


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