Wisconsin Trout Fishing – 8/18/2018

Well the heat and drought persists. There was same rain near this stream yesterday bit there was no effect on the creek. A 50/50 brown to brookie ratio here. Lost a bigger brown and did a bit of climbing in this section. The June floods actually cleared it out a bit, usually need the machete. Best browns at 15 16 and some 13 brookies. 20 or so to hand and another 10-20 nippers. Happy Fishing!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful water you’re fishing and great Brooke!! I’m just east of you and need to get you’re direction if I only had the time. Do you sell any lures you make?

  2. Absolutely love the ending Ron you must do more of this. People have been watching your videos for years and we all love it. Great presentation at the end people just want to see The Man Behind this great trout fishing fishing Adventure. Take care of my friend and I hope to come fishing with you soon.


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