Women’s 100m at Istvan Gyulai Memorial 2018

Full race report from Women’s 100m at Istvan Gyulai Memorial Athletics Meeting in Hungary, July 2, 2018

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  1. I expected Kaylin to be doing what Dina Asher- Smith is doing now. They were both at the 2014 World Jnr. Chmps. Dina won the 100m and Kaylin the 200m. Kaylin has done nothing since the 2015 Pan Ams. What's happened to her? So disappointing!!

  2. TaLou is strong, she had to fight it out for that one . . . or did she just run fast enough to win? I think the former. She has run an awful lot this season, some meets she does the 100m and 200m. She is proving herself the one to beat in the 100m.

  3. I was surprised to see Tiana running. Not sure why she's running the 100m when it's not even her specialty! Guess she's doing it for the love of the sport and staying in shape. What did Kaylin Whitney do to herself? Such a pretty young lady trying to look hard!


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